Tomorrow never dies: Russia’s container market 2008 results and development prospects to 2015

The Russian container market is waiting anxiously to learn about its future. The research and consulting agency InfraNews, a leading supplier of professional container market analysis and solutions since 1997, will offer its prognoses already this December. The agency’s new analytical study, which has previously appeared annually under the familiar title “The Russian container market: Year X,” will now be issued in three parts.

The report will be available at any time upon its completion for a price of $2,900.

Our regular customers are also welcome to take advantage of their 25% discount if the order is placed after that date.  Contents:

Part I. Prospects and forecasts 1. Recession, slump, crisis: An analysis of the current situation on the Russian container market. 2. Macroeconomic factors and their impact on the Russian container market. 3. World market problems or internal challenges: Which curse is the worst? 4. A short-term forecast for the Russian container market for 2009 to 2010. 5. A medium-term forecast for the Russian container market for 2009 through 2014. 6. Development prospects for planned and ongoing investment projects.

Part II. Russia’s internal container market 1. Road transports     1.1. The free business,     1.2. …the risky business 2. Rail transports     2.1. Russian Railways’ services and rates     2.2. The Trans-Siberian Railway Line     2.3. Russian Railways’ tariffs     2.4. Additional services at stations and terminals     2.5. Railway operators and other services vendors. Container trains     2.6. Container transports by type of traffic: Export, import, internal, and transit cargo flows     2.7. Container transports by operator company, with traffic-specific analysis (export, import, internal, transit, and loaded and empty container flows)     2.8. Container transports by Transcontainer branch     2.9. Container transport operations at Russia’s main freight stations     2.10. Main cargo owners and recipients of cargoes moved by rail 3. Inland container services     3.1. Inland logistics: Warehouses and container terminals     3.2. Types of cargoes moved on the Russian container market     3.3. Russia’s regions on the road to containerization: Container consumption and turnover 4. Internal river transport.

Part III. The container shipping market

1. The world market of container transports     1.1. Shipping companies     1.2. Stevedoring holdings     1.3. Largest 3PL operators and NVOCCs 2. Freight rates     2.1. Global tendencies     2.2. Russia’s Northwest     2.3. Russia’s South     2.4. The Russian Far East 3. Terminals and logistics of the Russian Northwest     3.1. The Gulf of Finland’s Neva Bay     3.2. The First Container Terminal     3.3. Petrolesport     3.4. Off-dock container terminals of the Russian Northwest     3.5. The Big Port of Kaliningrad 4. The Northern ports of Murmansk and Arkhangelsk 5. The Russian Far East     5.1. Vostochnaya Stevedore     5.2. Vladivostok Container Terminal     5.3. Other terminals of the Russian Far East 6. Russia’s South     6.1. Novorossiysk     6.2. Minor ports and terminals of Russia’s South 7. The former Soviet states on the Baltic     7.1. Tallinn     7.2. Klaipeda     7.3. Riga     7.4. Current trends on the Baltic logistics market: The crisis mode and beyond 8. Finland 9. Ukrainian terminals and land-based container logistics     9.1. HPC Ukraine (Odessa)     9.2. Ukrtranscontainer’s Ilyichevsk     9.3. Container terminals: Their past and future 10. Romania and the port of Constanta 11. Georgia 12. Poland 13. The Russian container market’s financial flows     13.1. Stevedoring businesses     13.2. Railway operations     13.3. Russian import and export traders’ freight expenses     13.4. Overall logistics-related and other costs     13.5. Total market turnover statistics 14. Container holdings 15. Conclusions

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