Transport companies in Russia — financial performance

the wild IPO of Novorossyisk commercial seaport NCSP (thanks to Troika Dialog, which saved itself from the collective actions of shareholders only by the surrender to Sberbank), shocked the whole of the transport community.   And all were calculating  the possible profits from the sale of their companies.   We can assuredly state it now that IPO of NCSP was rather overdone. Now the company has gone off the listing. Investors, in essence, are fooled. Actually, the  major shareholders were ousted without having the adequate remuneration basing on the maximum market capitalization. May be, two times less.   The company will now be split at least in two. Or even more. And in a few years today’s shareholders will sell it.   That’s it. And still we expect new offerings.   How to avoid mistakes, how not ruin the company, nor its reputation (like Euroset), how not to end up in prison (like the managers of Eurasia Logistics have long planned IPO), how to avoid ill management mistakes?   We know about those IPO, which have been announced: SCF, STS Logistics, Rail Garant. possible SEO of FESCO, the sale of shares of Transcontainer, PGK.   You do not know about the placement of port and terminal operators, major freight forwarders, several railway companies. And we know. Today we know what mistakes will make and which way will ruin their business some of the companies after the IPO. And we know who is going to win if does not overdo it, and become a star on the exchange.   Today we know who wrote and who will be implementing the strategy of Transcontainer and when will the star is this issuer  roll. Everything is more or less clearis going to set.     We make our  conclusions not only basing in the standard indices and formulae of investment bankers. There are more factors, those basing on turnover, assets, reputation and even the commercial acumen of the middle staff and the strategic thinking of top managers.   Today we are about to conclude a massive study, from which a lot of new and interesting information can be learned.   The contents: the whole list of IPO, announced and not announced. Deep analysis of the issuers-to-be, the estimates of the shares’ prices, prospects of the companies’ development, little things that are likely to ruin the companies. We shall offer our recommendations as to how long it will be safe to hold the shares after the IPO. We shall too suggest an estimate of these stocks in terms of the leading investors in the world.

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