2017 Container Market Report: Rail traffic between China and Europea cross Russia already reached 2% of the Asia-Europe-Asia sea-borne trade

InfraNews is announcing the release of the Container Market Report 2017 on February 1.

The report will this year will be focused on the railway segment, which is the most dynamic. The rail turnover of the Russian container market expanded last year by 19% to 3.9 million TEU. Transit volumes soared by 66% to almost 350,000 TEU, in two years the increase was 127%.

INFRANEWS Container Market report will analyse demand and capacity, the structure of the market, offering some most important forecasts.

Besides the railway, it will feature detailed survey of the ports and terminals segment.

Due date — February 1
Price — EUR 1,000
Please send a request to info@infranews.ru to order your copy

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